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Events - Location

COWS location selector showing Reserve a Room and External Location When creating or editing an event, the Location widget on the left sidebar lets you switch between reserving a room or using an external location. Selecting Reserve a Room requires you to pick a room that is available at your requested time. Selecting External Location lets you type the name of any location, and does not check for conflicts with existing reservations.

Reserve a Room

Reserving a room in COWS, showing room dropdown, reservation times and display times Reserving a room changes a few form fields as shown at right. A room must be selected from the Room dropdown. This room will be checked for conflicts at your requested event time. You can also pick a display time for your event that differs from the reservation time. Change the display times if you want to reserve setup or teardown time in the room, but display only the publicized event time. In the example at right, the event will display as 8-9am, but the room is reserved 1/2 hour before and after those times.

Reserving a room also displays the event schedule grid at the bottom of the page (seen below). The grid displays rooms and times and what events are already scheduled or requested so you can select an available time. The grid can also be filtered to display only the rooms that are appropriate for your event. If you can't find an available time on the current day, you can browse forward or back a day using the arrow buttons to the left and right of the day title above the grid.

COWS Event room scheduling grid

External Location

Scheduling an external location in COWS, showing freeform text location, and event times Scheduling an external location removes the room dropdown and adds a freeform Location text box. You can type in any location, and no conflict checking will be done. This is intended for events you want publicized on your calendar that are happening at a location not controlled by your department, such as outside your building, in the arboretum, or in another city. The controls are also changed to show just one start and end time.